5 well known health tips

Let’s face it. We all want to look and feel slim, trim, and terrific! We remind you of 5 well known health tips to kickstart your year.


Follow these simple health tips you already know – but could do better.


Wheee…..Boom! (Fireworks)

Clink! (and bottoms up!)

Goodbye 2014 = thank God it’s over. The year of crap eating, not enough exercise, and countless promises to lose weight – today. Always today.

Hello 2015 = do the same as 2014.

Keep devouring mountains of creamy, sweet chocolate.

Avoid looking at the muffin top in the mirror.


Make it the year that counts.

Feel sexy, and turn heads in your bathers at the beach.

Run for the train without needing an oxygen mask.

Eat a piece of chocolate. And stop.

You may not be overweight, but if you keep heading down the same path, you might well be. If you need it, here are a few reasons to lose weight. Either way, we just want you to feel amazing and look hot in 2015.

5 well known health tips

You’ve probably heard these all before. But hey we can all use a little reminder now and then can’t we?!

Start today.

Health Tip 1. Get some shuteye

Enjoy time in bed. And yeah, get some sleep too 😉

How much sleep do we really need? 7-8 hours of sleep is the magic number.

Easier said than done, we hear you saying.

You’re on the go all the time with barely any time to eat brekky. Boss needs that deadline met, partner needs dinner, the dog needs a walk.

You need a walk!

Your head is filled with the day, the next day, the week, the month! Sleep doesn’t come easy. How can it?

Give this sleep checklist a go to feel energised and ready to take on the world!

Health Tip 2. Make every meal count

Treat yourself the way you would treat someone who depends on you. You would make sure they have 3 delicious meals a day and at least 2 energy snacks in between.

You would cook at home as much as you could.


Because you know there’d only be good stuff in there (and if there isn’t, you know it’s in there!) And there are other great reasons to cook at home too.

You would give them plenty of water. Include a few vegies, fruit, meat, fish, dairy, and meats. Chocolate, cake or ice-creams would be a treat, once or twice a week.

Don’t stress about counting calories. Eat in moderation, it’s boring advice, but true.

Besides, counting calories won’t help you lose weight!

Health Tip 3. Move


It’s as easy as that.

You move the moment you reach your arm over to bang your alarm silent. Just keep it up.

Walk to the train station (or even better, run if you’re late). Climb stairs. Wash the car.

Dance. Do pilates. Swim.

Anything helps. You’ll feel amazing and look hot in no time. We promise.

Need some ideas? Here’s a 15 minute home workout. And here’s a park workout.

Health Tip 4. Get motivated

You get started in the new year with good intentions. But your efforts go down the drain pretty quickly.

Australia Day BBQs.



Spring (you just can’t get out of Winter habits).

Then it’s the holiday season all over again.

You are not alone. It happens to the best of us.

It’s bloody hard isn’t it?!

The solution?

Mix it up a little!

For example you could:

And here are a few secrets we’d like to share to keep you motivated at the gym and turn your can’ts into cans.

Health Tip 5. Stand

Sitting is the new smoking. 

So push the sitting pains out the door. Stand as much as possible.

It’s better for your posture. You’ll think better. Feel better. And work better.

But you have to sit at work, I hear you say.

Do you?

Set up a standing workstation.

And if you really need to sit, follow these 4 tips to sit with better posture.

In summary, 5 well known health tips that will kickstart your year:

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat well
  3. Move
  4. Motivate
  5. Stand

2015 is your year

Stop wishing. Start doing.


The Team at Beyond Fitness

P.S. Give us a call if you’d like us to show you a few training ideas or want to check your posture.