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Commencing Wednesday 18th July 2018
– 2 sessions per week: Wednesday’s at 6:30pm and Saturday morning’s at 9:00am.
– Each class is 75 minutes in duration.
– Class focus is on the correct foundations and the confidence to continue with more advanced practice. Tailored to absolute beginners who have not done yoga before and anyone else who has paused their practice for a period of time. Great way to get into Yoga to build up from the beginning.
– Each week classes build from the previous one, leading to a gradual steady improvement
– Classes are at your level, with other Beginners only with a max number of 10 participants.
– You get help with getting into poses.
– Yoga with interesting sequences and postures.
– Calls is conducted in a normal (slightly heated about 23 degree) room temperature.
– We supply all the mats and any other yoga apparatus required. All you need to bring is some water and a positive mind set!
– A community of new friends where you can progress at your pace.

The cost for the whole 6 weeks is only $220! ($18/session)

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A motivated and mindful Yogi with a strong personal practice of Yoga, Mohit has a passion for leading anatomically focused practice in a safe and engaging class which accommodates beginners through to intermediate practitioners. Being able to read, write and speak Sanskrit also allows Mohit to weave an authentic Yogic philosophy into his classes.

What Are The Benefits of Yoga?

• Stress Reduction
• Pain Reduction
• Back and Joint function improvement
• Stability, Strength and Flexibility improvement
• Improved Posture
• Great Cross Training

Yoga Helps When:

• Its conducted in a non-competitive environment
• Its process rather than performance oriented
• Focuses on breathing
• Its energy centric focus
• Its enhances self-awareness of body posture, movement, and mental and emotional states.