Amy Murton


I have been a client of Beyond Fitness for quite a few years now (7 years). I have found them to be innovative, reliable, enthusiastic and very professional in all aspects of training and programming. I have achieved goals that I never thought I could, and with the encouragement and support of Beyond Fitness, I hope to achieve many more goals in the future.

Amy MurtonPeople forget that fitness is not all about weight loss. It’s easy to focus on it when beginning a fitness regime but getting into that mindset of ‘Go hard or go home’ turns into a way of life, something that puts you out of balance if you stop for even a week or two.

Amy is a living example of how health and fitness can become a way of life.

How long have you been training for?

“I started training with Boris around 7 or 8 years ago, way before Beyond Fitness Moonee Ponds was around. We started in his garage, and from day one, it was all about getting fitter and healthier for myself…and lose some weight [hahaha].”

So what keeps you interested? What keeps you coming back?

“It’s satisfying, well at least after the session’s finished.

I might whinge beforehand, but its satisfying once you’re done! It’s that feeling of when you’ve pushed yourself and done better than you have before, and keeps me healthy and fit.”

What progress have you seen so far?

“I have definitely achieved better muscle tone and my fitness is definitely better as well. Weight is around the same, but I know I have gained muscle and lost some fat.

I am definitely glad I started – now I hate not training and I just feel annoyed if I don’t get my sessions in a few times a week.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin training, but is too nervous in regards to that whole “gym atmosphere” reputation?

“I’d never train in that whole ‘gym atmosphere’ – here at Beyond Fitness its different.

I started training with a group of friends and it started out sort of as just fun, kind of like Boris’ guinea pigs, but its definitely the way to start it.

Being in an actual gym with others around constantly will not push me to do any better – I prefer 1-on-1 type of stuff and doing it with people that you know.

It means that you have to come back, whereas if you just go to the gym I might say to myself ‘ah I don’t feel like going tonight’. But if I’ve got someone that’s expecting me to be there, I will have no excuse and be there.”

Thank you

Thanks to Amy for the interview, and I hope it helps others to see how the gym and training is not just about ‘weight loss weight loss weight loss’ but about a new way of living, and finding a way of training that makes you happy whilst getting fit.

To everyone, good luck with your journeys, and just remember, never compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.