Burning Calories
Use this tool for a personalised estimate of how much energy you’re using based on the activities you do.

Man Running

How fit do you think you are? How much could you improve?


Quick health age check
Do you want to find out your chance of living to 100? Or how your family medical history impacts your future health?

Woman Running

Want to start running or going for a personal best? Set your personal running goal and get a tailored training program now!


Target Heart Rate
Being a healthy weight has important benefits, not only on how you feel, but also for lowering your risk of heart disease, joint pain and a range of other conditions. So what’s an ideal weight range for you?


Chocolate Strawberries

Health IQ: Chocolate
Chocolate, many of us adore it and there’s no shortage of research proclaiming its health benefits. But is chocolate really a health food, or just another treat we need to save for special occasions?


Health IQ: Vegies
Vegies are a vital part of a healthy diet. But how do you get the best out of your veg?

Tissue Box

Health IQ: Colds
No-one likes to come down with the sniffles, but do you know what causes the common cold and how best to protect yourself?

Measuring Tape

Health IQ: Weight loss
It’s the time of year when many of our thoughts turn to our waistlines. How much do you know about shedding kilos?

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Health IQ: Sports Injuries
Being active can be great for your health, but there are risks involved. How much do you know about common sporting injuries and how to prevent them?


Health IQ: Cholesterol
It’s essential for life, but too much of the wrong sort of cholesterol can clog our arteries, leading to heart attacks and strokes. How much do you know about cholesterol?

Big Breakfast

Food Swap Suggestor
The food suggester gives you swaps you can make to your eating habits that are healthier choices. This way you can start reducing your waistline without losing all the things you love.

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Sleep Quiz
Get to know your sleep habits, how to improve it, manage insomnia, and the importance of good sleep.