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Nano Nagle
Personal Training client

I cannot highly recommend Boris and his team at Beyond Fitness enough. They have helped me achieve my fitness goals with their expertise and support.

Amy Murton
Amy Murton
Personal Training client

Amy MurtonPeople forget that fitness is not all about weight loss. It’s easy to focus on it when beginning a fitness regime but getting into that mindset of ‘Go hard or go home’ turns into a way of life, something that puts you out of balance if you stop for even a week or two.

Amy is a living example of how health and fitness can become a way of life.

How long have you been training for?

“I started training with Boris around 7 or 8 years ago, way before Beyond Fitness Moonee Ponds was around. We started in his garage, and from day one, it was all about getting fitter and healthier for myself…and lose some weight [hahaha].”

So what keeps you interested? What keeps you coming back?

“It’s satisfying, well at least after the session’s finished.

I might whinge beforehand, but its satisfying once you’re done! It’s that feeling of when you’ve pushed yourself and done better than you have before, and keeps me healthy and fit.”

What progress have you seen so far?

“I have definitely achieved better muscle tone and my fitness is definitely better as well. Weight is around the same, but I know I have gained muscle and lost some fat.

I am definitely glad I started – now I hate not training and I just feel annoyed if I don’t get my sessions in a few times a week.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin training, but is too nervous in regards to that whole “gym atmosphere” reputation?

“I’d never train in that whole ‘gym atmosphere’ – here at Beyond Fitness its different.

I started training with a group of friends and it started out sort of as just fun, kind of like Boris’ guinea pigs, but its definitely the way to start it.

Being in an actual gym with others around constantly will not push me to do any better – I prefer 1-on-1 type of stuff and doing it with people that you know.

It means that you have to come back, whereas if you just go to the gym I might say to myself ‘ah I don’t feel like going tonight’. But if I’ve got someone that’s expecting me to be there, I will have no excuse and be there.”

Thank you

Thanks to Amy for the interview, and I hope it helps others to see how the gym and training is not just about ‘weight loss weight loss weight loss’ but about a new way of living, and finding a way of training that makes you happy whilst getting fit.

To everyone, good luck with your journeys, and just remember, never compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.

Ann-Marie Li
Ann-Marie Li
Personal Training client

ann-marie-li-150x150I asked Ben to assist me in learning weight lifting techniques. It was hard work but fun…and challenges my strength. Ben is really knowledgeable, very supportive with client challenges and personal goals. And he is not sweet, nice Ben – he is mean …works me hard!!! But getting lots of great results.

Justin Navas
Justin Navas
Personal Training & Massage client

Justin NavasJustin Navas lost 11 kg in 8 weeks!

On behalf of the team at Beyond Fitness, we would like to honour the inaugural recipient of the Beyond Fitness Goal Achiever for November 2013, Justin!

Justin was 110.7 kg. His goal goal weight was less than 100 kg. He worked incredibly hard over the past 8 weeks and reached his goal – he is now 99.7 kg!

The Beyond Fitness Goal Achiever is the recognition of the successful completion of a client’s personal goal or aim, and is an acknowledgement of all of their hard work and dedication in achieving their goal.

What drove Justin to lose the weight?

“The impact of social society and the comments, feeling lethargic…the need to focus on myself, wanting to feel better, and have more energy.”

Achieving a goal is never easy, as it requires an individual to not only work hard during and outside of training, but it requires a strong, positive mindset, and an ability to push through and overcome adversity.

Formula for success

“Eating six times a day…at regular times…increasing water intake (minimum 1.8L every day) measuring portion size and watching what I eat…no take-away and avoiding fatty foods, soft drink, and beer.”

Justin’s formula for success included:

  • Two personal training sessions every week with Beyond Fitness personal trainer Benjamin Sortino
  • he runs/cycles along the Maribyrnong River (outside his PT sessions)
  • completes the 1,000 steps Kokoda Walk at the Dandenong Ranges National Park on weekends
  • healthy and nutritious diet.

So what’s next?

With his goal of less than 100kg now successfully reached, Justin now aims to maintain his training and diet standards, with the specific goal of weighing in at 90kg, and the desire to one day play a game of Australian Rules football.

“Thanks to my good trainer Ben, Boris, and the team at Beyond Fitness for helping me reach my goals…and Glenn’s magic hands…with any injuries”

Congratulations Justin!

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Lina Condemi
Lina Condemi
Personal training client

Lina CondemiAfter becoming a bit lazy when visiting the gym, I decided that it was time to get serious about my workouts.

I’d met Boris previously at my Pilates classes and didn’t realise he also worked at the same gym I was going to.

So it was a fortuitous that day I saw him while I was going through the motions on the treadmill.

After having a discussion about his personal training business, we made an appointment to meet to discuss my goals.

Since that time 7 years ago I haven’t looked back.

Once I reach a goal, we strive for the next one. Our training sessions are tough, fun, challenging and also a learning experience.

Boris shares a lot of information about the mechanics of muscle and movement and is alwayslooking for ways to challenge the body so that I get the best out of my workouts.

Since moving to new premises in January 2012, Boris has been able to introduce Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and Massage to Beyond Fitness which complements the total wellbeing of the body and mind.

My fitness has consistently improved and when I’ve found myself with an injury, Boris has always been careful to ensure that I can do a workout without pain. I look forward to my sessions at Beyond Fitness every week as I can feel the benefits in my body every day.

Bridget Inder
Bridget Inder
Rugby Prop for the Melbourne Rebels

Bridget-Inder-150x150I’ve been going to Boris at Beyond Fitness now for several months. As a rugby player for more years than I care to count, and even more injuries, I’ve definitely been to my share (and your share as well, probably) of physios, osteos, sports massages etc. etc. I don’t think there is a part of my body that hasn’t been affected.

I think I can safely say I have a pretty good basis of comparison, so when I say Boris/Beyond Fitness would be up there with the best that I’ve been to, trust me, I’ve been to a few!

As well as playing rugby I also used to play hockey and was a keen horse rider, so I arrived at Beyond Fitness with a long history. Even though initially a rotator cuff tear was the issue, Boris treated my whole body, the structural weaknesses, and how my current and previous injuries were affecting other areas. I found this approach, instead of focusing on the new injury, has helped immensely.

As a prop in rugby I endure a huge amount of strain on my back. Boris has helped adjust, tweak and work with me to decrease the level of tightness, and to loosen and strengthen my whole back. This was no small task! My whole posture has improved as well as my flexibility. I hadn’t realised just how accustomed to putting up with constant pain and tightness I was.

I’ve really appreciated Boris’s holistic approach to not just my body, but where I’m at emotionally and mentally as a sports person. Playing rugby at national level takes it out of me physically as well as emotionally, so much of my time and energy is focused on how I’m performing at game time as well as at training. Dealing with the pressure of needing to perform can be very taxing, and devastating when you don’t deliver. If you feel like you’ve let your team, coaches and yourself down due to whatever reason, it takes its toll on confidence and belief, which in turn affects recovery and future performance.

I like the way Boris takes the time to get an overall picture of where I’m at before we start treatment. I think that can be overlooked sometimes. We rugby players can be a sensitive bunch.

So thank you everyone at Beyond Fitness, I’ve always found you all welcoming and friendly, you treat the person not the injury.