Postural Break

Thoracic Wall Holds

There is no better medicine for long periods of sitting than breaking up said periods of sitting by standing up and moving around. These exercises, coupled with a short 2-5 minute walk, I’ve found to be the most effective at helping break up periods of sitting as you can do them anywhere, anytime. Below there are two exercises for you. Tips for this standing exercise:– Start with your feet approx 10 cm away from the wall, lean back and have your hips, back and head in contact with the wall– Lift your elbows up to 90 degrees, bend your hands up to 90 degrees keeping both elbows and wrists pressed against the wall (Some may not be able to hold this position, that’s fine just press your elbows and wrists back towards the wall)– Hold this position for 5-10 deep breathes and repeat 2-3 times. Some tips for this seated exercise:– … Read More

Upper Back Extension Over a Foam Roller or Rolled Up Towel

Jamey over a foam roller

This exercise is great for helping to reverse the posture we all commonly fall into during long periods of sitting. We all know the one, shoulder and head dropping forward while we slouch over the desk pounding through some work. Using this exercise will help free up some movement in the upper back whilst helping to decrease pain and tension across the area! Tips:-         Hold for 30s in 3-4 different spots in the upper back area Make sure you drop down slowly and take nice slow, steady breaths while in position Keep your hips on the ground and don’t push into discomfort (stay below a 2-3/10)