Best 3 exercises to reduce lower back pain

My best 3 exercise to reduce lower back pain and stiffness:

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints I come across among the active population, it often places restrictions on exercise ability and can stop people from living an active lifestyle.
So I thought I’d share my best 3 exercises for helping reduce lower back pain an increase mobility.
Below you’ll find links to videos of the recommended exercises alongside a brief introduction to each. I hope they can help you overcome your current lower back issue!

Exercise 1:

Standing Side to side low back mobility: A simple way to reduce pain and stiffness is to maintain movement through your low back. This exercise is especially good for those individuals who find getting up and down off the ground painful. Please see the video below for a demonstration.

Video link:

Exercise 2:

Low back stretches: Increasing your range of motion and flexibility throughout your lower back can significantly help reduce stiffness and pain. This exercise video involves two stretches to the lower back area that aim to help increase your range of motion and flexibility. Please see the video below for a demonstration.
Video link:

Exercise 3:

Side to side knee movement: In my eye’s movement is one of the best therapies to help treat many complaints, in particular lower back pain. Therefore, it is important that we maintain movement through our low back to help promote recovery and rehabilitation. Please see the video for a demonstration.
Video link:


Please note that these exercises may not be appropriate for you and it is always best to get a professional opinion to ensure that you are getting care specific to your needs.
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Hopefully these exercises helped you in reducing your lower back pain and or stiffness.


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By Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteopath)