5 ways to get great posture

We know how important our posture is, a straight back radiates confidence and actually improves your mood. Here are 5 simple ways to maintain a great posture throughout the day.

Throughout our whole lives we are told to straighten our backs, stop the slouching and stand tall. Even though we were reminded daily, for some (or most) of us, it never really made any difference because two minutes later we’d forget, and slouch again.

We know how important our posture is – a straight back radiates confidence and actually improves your mood.

Now you may be thinking ‘I know all of this, but how can I keep good posture throughout the whole day?’ Here are five simple ways to maintain a great posture throughout the day:

1. Make your posture a priority

When you consciously begin thinking about your posture daily, you will start to get into the habit of improving your alignment. This will not solve the issue in a day or even a week, but it will progress over time and you will see improvements.

2. Use the balloon method

All you have to do is fill a balloon with helium, and tie it to your head.

Just kidding!

It is kind of similar though. Just imagine that you have a balloon tied to your head, and it is pulling you up – resulting in perfect alignment!

A great way to remember this method is by either drawing a balloon on your hand, or on a sticky note and placing it somewhere visible that you will see all day.

Then when you see it, you will instantly improve your posture.

3. Always keep your hips, shoulders and ear in alignment

Whether you are sitting or standing, focus on where these certain body parts are. More often than not you will realise that either your shoulders are rounding, or your head is poking forward. As soon as you realise this, fix it up!

These three points (hips, shoulders, ears) are easy to remember leaving you with no excuse  not to give it a go.

4. Keep your elbows off the table

Your grandmother was right with this one – keeping your elbows off of the table forces you to hold up your own weight.

If you are guilty of constantly placing your elbows on the bench, or table whilst eating or on the computer, you would have noticed you will sometimes rest your head on your hand as support.

This causes you to slouch.

Now that you realise you are doing that, stop the habit and keep your head nice and tall.

5. Tighten your core and bring your belly button to your spine

I‘m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it’s a good one to remember. As soon as you tighten up your core, you are more than likely to straighten up as well.

The result? A flatter tummy and better posture.

This one will actually boost your confidence as you will feel taller and leaner. And it’s quite easy to maintain.

Make sure you take action to these posture positive reminders. After a while they’ll become great habits that you won’t have to think about.

And the bonus is you’ll get a stronger core! 😉

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