5 female weight training myths busted

5 Female Weight Training Myths Busted

We often hear women worry about what weights will or will not do to their body. Read about the 5 most common myths and why you don’t need to worry about them anymore.

Photo: Woman in gym doing woodchop exercise.

Photo: Female weight training has many benefits. Credit: Coba from Flickr.

Myth 1: Lifting makes women look masculine and bulky

Women find it 10 times harder to build muscle than men. This is because women have 10 times less testosterone than men, which is the main hormone that helps muscles to grow.

This does not mean that women can’t be as strong as men, they can! But the good news to many women is that they can gain the same amount of strength as men with less muscle size.

Myth 2: All women are in the gym to lose weight

Depending on the age and stage of life, most women want to train to feel good and possibly avoid some of the effects of aging like bone density loss and muscle wasting.

It’s also a great way to boost the feel good hormone, endorphins every once in a while.

Myth 3: Women who want to burn fat should get on the treadmill

Treadmills are perfect if you can’t get outside to walk or run especially when it’s dark, raining and cold. This will help you manage how many calories you take in each day and helps to burn body fat.

But what is the best way to burn fat and get lean while also transforming the shape of your body? By using a combination of weight training and cardio training.


Let’s say that a woman is a size 16 and has an apple shaped body, but she really wants to be a size 12 and have a pear shaped body. Doing hours on the treadmill and other cardio exercises may get her down to size 12 with the same apple shape.

But adding weight training to her routine could get her to the size 12 – and completely transform the woman’s body into the pear shape she wants – faster than she could by just doing cardio training!

That’s the power of weight training.

Check out the many fun and quick ways to do weights at home or in the gym.

Myth 4: Weight training is dangerous, especially for older women

Weight training for older women is actually very beneficial. After the age of 30, women lose minerals from their bones which may lead to osteoporosis – their bones become more fragile and are more likely to fracture.

Osteoporosis can be slowed down with weight training – check out Better Health Channel’s informative article about Osteoporosis and exercise. Bones need the stimulation of weights to slow down the rate of mineral loss. A tailored training program with the right exercises and loading can also be safe for arthritic joints.

And what woman wouldn’t like to get stronger and improve their balance later in life?

Myth 5: Weights will turn fat into muscle

Muscle and fat are two very different structures. One cannot turn into the other, its physiologically impossible.

This myth is usually heard from people who “used” to train a lot in their younger years but have now stopped training so hard but eat the same way. They have lost some muscle and gained a lot more adipose (fat) tissue.

Adipose tissue just rides over the muscle when they contract one cannot turn into the other and you can’t spot reduce adipose tissue in that area either.

Weight training will help a person to build muscle and reduce fat – it doesn’t transform one to the other! Just focus on keeping a healthy lifestyle and you won’t go wrong…

In summary:

  • Lifting won’t make you look masculine and bulky
  • Not all women are in the gym to lose weight
  • Use a combination of cardio and weight training to burn fat (not just the treadmill)
  • Weight training will usually help, not endanger older women
  • Weights will not turn fat into muscle!

There you have it ladies, weights are the way to go!

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