Justin Navas

Photo: Justin's before and after photos, showing that he has lost weight.

Justin Navas lost 11kg!

Justin Navas lost 11 kg in 8 weeks!

On behalf of the team at Beyond Fitness, we would like to honour the inaugural recipient of the Beyond Fitness Goal Achiever for November 2013, Justin!

Justin was 110.7 kg. His goal goal weight was less than 100 kg. He worked incredibly hard over the past 8 weeks and reached his goal – he is now 99.7 kg!

The Beyond Fitness Goal Achiever is the recognition of the successful completion of a client’s personal goal or aim, and is an acknowledgement of all of their hard work and dedication in achieving their goal.

What drove Justin to lose the weight?

“The impact of social society and the comments, feeling lethargic…the need to focus on myself, wanting to feel better, and have more energy.”

Achieving a goal is never easy, as it requires an individual to not only work hard during and outside of training, but it requires a strong, positive mindset, and an ability to push through and overcome adversity.

Formula for success

“Eating six times a day…at regular times…increasing water intake (minimum 1.8L every day) measuring portion size and watching what I eat…no take-away and avoiding fatty foods, soft drink, and beer.”

Justin’s formula for success included:

  • Two personal training sessions every week with Beyond Fitness personal trainer Benjamin Sortino
  • he runs/cycles along the Maribyrnong River (outside his PT sessions)
  • completes the 1,000 steps Kokoda Walk at the Dandenong Ranges National Park on weekends
  • healthy and nutritious diet.

So what’s next?

With his goal of less than 100kg now successfully reached, Justin now aims to maintain his training and diet standards, with the specific goal of weighing in at 90kg, and the desire to one day play a game of Australian Rules football.

“Thanks to my good trainer Ben, Boris, and the team at Beyond Fitness for helping me reach my goals…and Glenn’s magic hands…with any injuries”

Congratulations Justin!

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