Personal Trainer

Jamey Pemmelaar - Personal Trainer

Jamey Pemmelaar – Personal Trainer/Coach

BExHSc (Exercise and Health Science)


Jamey advocates physical activity as an imperative part of living a healthy life. He aims to empower people to take charge of their health and exercise goals and appreciates that there are many outcomes his clients may wish to achieve: rehabilitation, weight loss, maintaining bone density, training for a long distance event and/or to keep physically active. He is a strong advocate of strength and high intensity training thus incorporates these

fundamentals in your tailored exercise plan where appropriate for your goals. As a current student of Osteopathy, he respects the body as a unit and thus approaches your training, health and wellness goals holistically.

Allan Meilak

Personal Trainer/Coach

Personal Trainer/Coach

12 Week Beyond Transformation Challenge Lead

Allan Meilak - Personal Trainer/Coach

Allan Meilak – Personal Trainer/Coach

Allan thrives on assisting people achieve their health and fitness goals. So much so, that in 2015 he decided to chase his passion, by leaving a 20 year career in the Auto industry behind. His ability to relate to client situations and understand what it’s like to live an unhealthy lifestyle, gives him a greater perspective on how to coach his clients through the tough times. Having lost over 35kgs himself, he understands the challenge of making lifestyle changes to achieve client goals. His time in the fitness industry has seen him help hundreds of clients achieve similar goals to himself, but his holistic approach to healthy living, supportive personality, and passion to succeed, sees him go that extra mile in achieving his clients overall health and well-being


Personal Trainer

BExSc (Exercise Science) Cert.IV in Allied Health Assistance

Personal Trainer

BILLY LIBERIDIS - Personal Trainer

BILLY LIBERIDIS – Personal Trainer

Backed by his Exercise Science degree and Internship at Exercise Research Australia, Billy employs best practice in;

-Conducting one on one exercise sessions

-Delivery of group exercise sessions for all adults and athletes

-Prescription and delivery of exercise rehab programs for patients recovering from injury

-Prescribing and delivering exercise programs based off an individual’s goals

Driven by a passion for helping people achieve their goals, Billy firmly believes that through hard work anything can be accomplished. Through various modes of resistance based training, Billy is keen to work alongside all clients who have a desire to make change, meet their goals, and improve their physical well-being.