Football, cars and sex – Movember

Photo: Black moustache.

Grow a mo for Movember!

Growing a mo in November will help men live longer. Osteopath & Personal Trainer Boris Lukin explains how.

Guys, let’s talk about football, cars and sex…

I bet I have your attention.

If I told you we’re going to talk about prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes, no doubt you would have already stopped reading.

But don’t…

Let’s face it. We don’t consider men’s health as a big enough issue to discuss.

We would much rather work an extra few hours round the office rather than do some activity to help reduce heart disease, the number one cause of premature death for men.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

The lowdown on men’s health

Here are some stats for you – probably the last thing that you would want to read but it’s important:

  • Nearly 1 in 2 Australian men have experienced a sexual difficulty. Sexual dysfunction in a man is when he’s not able to perform properly. (HealthDirect Australia website)
  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths in Australia. Each year around 20,000 new cases are diagnosed in Australia and close to 3,200 Aussie men will die from the disease every year. (Movember website)
  • Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer, behind skin cancers, in young men aged 18 – 39 years.(Movember website)
  • 1 out of every 8 men suffers from depression at any given time. (Better Health Channel website)

So what do you think of that? Yeah I know, “that will never happen to me” right??

What can you do for your health?

Well the only way you can be totally sure is to do something about it!

Visit your GP and get annual check-ups.

Currently men in Australia are ranked 5th out of 187 countries in terms of healthy life expectancy. Only men from Japan, Andorra, Iceland and Switzerland live longer, though we Aussies have more healthy years than Americans, Britons and New Zealanders.

Being pretty competitive, we Aussies can’t have Japan, Iceland and Switzerland and Andorra beating us can we?! (Yes, I was wondering where Andorra was too, it’s a small southwestern European country.)

So what’s the solution?


Guys, c’mon grow a mo!

“As men, we can grow facial hair and Movember is probably the only time during the year that our workplace will support us growing an 80’s style moustache (aka a ‘mo’). It’s also one thing that we can do that women can’t.”

Photo: Beyond Fitness logo with a black moustache underneath.

Change the face of men’s health – grow a mo or donate.

Women (a.k.a. Mo Sistas), you can help too, and no, you don’t need to grow a mo. Mo Sistas can join in Movember too!

So let’s use the month of November to get behind men’s health and talk about it!

Boris Lukin – Beyond Fitness Director, Osteopath & Personal Trainer 

Want to change to face of men’s health?