The I’m Basically running program

How to get from 0 – 5 kms in 10 weeks Hello team, It’s Jamey here from Beyond fitness with my thoughts on the best way to return running from a substantial break or start running for the first time in your life. It all started 3 years ago when I decided to challenge myself in a different area and signed myself up for a half marathon. I’d never been big on running before this point but completing a half marathon had always been something I’d wanted to do. Fast forward to the present and I’ve completed my fair share of run events since which are listed below: Event and distance Time Average pace Run for the kids 2016, 16kms 1hr, 20mins and 59secs 05:03 min/km Run Melbourne 2016, ½ marathon 1hr, 35mins and 27secs 04:32 min/km Run Melbourne 2017, ½ marathon 1hr, 30mins and 17secs 04:16 min/km Run Melbourne … Read More