Exercise 3 – Reduce Lower Back Pain

Osteopath Jamey Pemmelaar providing you with his third exercise to help reduce lower back pain and decrease stiffness. !Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints I’ve recieved as both an osteopath and personal trainer. It can restrict your exercise capacity, give you trouble sleeping and even inhibit your ability to live the lifestyle you want. It’s therefore important to get ontop of it as soon as possible to ensure a speedy recovery! The exercise shown is a great way to promote movement through your lower back therefore helping to increase mobility. So if your back is feeling tight before/after/during a workout (or any other time really), I’d suggest giving this movement a go. It’s important to maintain control of the movement so I’d suggest counting to 2 to lower your legs and return them to the starting position.  Key points to remember!1. Keep your knees together and both … Read More