Do you need a challenge? More motivation?
And to make fitness more affordable?

Join a group personal training session!

Group personal training

Personal Training in a group will give you that extra oomph to push yourself. It’s run in circuit-style so you’ll get to work all of your major muscles using a range of different equipment, machines and free weights. Expect a well-balanced, fun, high energy workout. What’s more, we hold it indoors so there’s no excuse to get fit – and stay fit!

These group fitness sessions will provide variety to your training which is the key to avoiding plateaus, losing weight,and reaching your fitness goals. The sessions are designed for people with a range of abilities and fitness levels who are looking for:

    • Fun
    • Like-minded people
    • Weight loss
    • Challenge
    • Motivation
    • Positive attitude
    • Supportive atmosphere
    • Social interaction
    • Decrease in stress
    • Health benefits
    • Long-term fitness
    • Enjoyment of life (including being able to eat all the good stuff without feeling guilty!)

Qualified, certified and experienced personal trainers

Beyond Fitness personal trainers are qualified and certified with years of experience. They have helped many clients lose weight and keep it off long-term and they all have a passion to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

A genuine interest in health and fitness has seen all our personal trainers undertake Bachelor Degrees in Sport / Exercise Science / Human Movement on top of their basic certificates in fitness.

This means that all participants can feel safe and comfortable knowing that trainers have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How the body works
  • Ways to challenge each person
  • Pre-natal workout and post-natal workout
  • Exercises suitable for current and past injuries
  • How much weight loss is safe and realistic for each person based on their energy needs, body type, health condition, and other factors.

Group Personal Training Cost

Can’t fit 1 on 1 Personal Training into your budget? Then try one of our group Personal Training sessions from just $35 a session

Beyond Fitness believes that everyone should have access to professional fitness training at an affordable price.

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