6 Reasons to lose weight

If you’re overweight, dropping the kilos seems like a tough battle but it’s well worth it: it will change your life.

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Lose weight for life.

“The impact of social society and the comments, feeling lethargic…the need to focus on myself,  wanting to feel better, and have more energy.”

Justin Navas, Beyond Fitness client on how he felt when he was overweight.

Can you relate to that?

Do you hate being overweight?

Are you sick of feeling tired all the time?

You can’t fit into clothes you wore 3 years ago.

You don’t sleep well, and as for sex – what’s that again?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you, and Justin, are not alone.

Australia is one of the fattest countries in the developed world! More than half (55.7%) the country are facing the same battles every day.

It’s not easy, but here are a few ways your life will change when you lose weight:

1. Save your heart

Being overweight makes your heart work that much harder to move you around. That extra work causes high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Fatty tissues affect the arteries, which can reduce blood supply to the heart.

Talk to anyone who has had a heart bypass to create a new channel to their heart. What’s  involved? Very simply, their chest is cut open, they’re operated on, and then stitched back up.

It takes at least 3 months to heal. Sneezing, breathing, and coughing hurts. They have to watch what they eat every day afterwards.

So have some heart for your heart. Lose weight asap.

2. Save money

How much are you spending on your health problems as a result of being overweight?

The National Health and Medical Research Council reports that the total direct cost for overweight and obesity in 2005 was $21 billion ($6.5 billion for overweight and $14.5 billion for obesity).

Lose weight – your health, and pocket, will thank you for it.

Redirect that extra money you used to spend on doctors and medicines toward that holiday you always wanted, new clothes, or whatever little luxury you’d like to indulge in a bit more.

3. Say no to diabetes

More than 900,000 Australians suffer from diabetes. Being overweight puts you at a higher risk of developing diabetes. And also makes it harder to manage.

Don’t risk it. Lose weight.

4. Healthy parents, healthy kids

About one quarter of kids in Australia are either overweight or obese. This is a major issue as it can lead to adult obesity, self-esteem issues, bullying, and eating disorders.

It can also cause physical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, sleep apnoea, and cancer.

No parent wants to put their kids through any of that.

By losing weight themselves, parents are also setting up their kids – for life.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifestyle. And when we focus on eating healthy food, fun physical activities, and great eating habits, our kids will be part of it all, and can take
that example into adulthood.

Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift we could ever give to our kids?

5. Boost your sex life

Stop holding up the Stop sign in bed!

Get your regular dose of exercise to increase those ‘feel-good’ hormones endorphins.

And yes, guys, your testosterone levels will also get a boost.

Go get ‘em tiger!

6. Sleep better

Sleep apnoea, where breathing reduces or stops during sleep, is often associated with being overweight due to more fatty tissue around a person’s neck.

This is dangerous in the long run as it causes car accidents, and the snoring keeps the family awake, which puts strains on relationships.

Losing excess weight can help or even cure sleep apnoea, improving your quality of life.

Exercise will help boost the relaxing hormone serotonin, and reduce the stress hormones to give you (and your loved ones) a peaceful shuteye.

Photo: Before and after photos. Man with excess weight 'Before'.  Man with less weight 'After'.

Justin: before and after losing weight.

So what happened to Justin: did he lose weight?

Justin lost 11 kg in 8 weeks!

“Eating six times a day…at regular times…increasing water intake (minimum 1.8L every day) measuring portion size and watching what I eat…no take-away and avoiding fatty foods, soft drink, and beer.”

He did the work to lose weight – Beyond Fitness gave him a little push:

  • 2 personal training sessions every week with Beyond Fitness personal trainer Benjamin Sortino
  • he runs/cycles along the Maribyrnong River (outside his PT sessions)
  • completes the 1,000 steps Kokoda Walk at the Dandenong Ranges National Park on weekends
  • healthy and nutritious diet.

If you’d like help to lose weight, we’re here for you. Give us a call to lose weight.

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