Tension headaches

Glenn Hall – Beyond Fitness Remedial Massage Therapist

Photo: Woman with her hand to her temple, and a look of pain on her face.

Massage can relieve tension headaches.

We’ve all experienced tension headaches before – that persistent dull pain that refuses to leave, often accompanied by a stiff upper back, shoulders or neck.

Tension headaches are draining: they tire you during the day and can adversely affect your sleep at night. Taking pain-killers is rarely more than a temporary solution; while they may assist with the symptoms, the muscular cause remains.

They commonly occur when we find ourselves under an increased workload, such as being stuck at a desk for long periods of time or being involved in demanding physical labour.

You can reduce your chances of suffering this condition by: improving your posture/positioning at work, taking regular breaks, and stretching.

Remedial massage is an effective therapy for both acute and chronic tension headaches.

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Glenn Hall – Beyond Fitness Remedial Massage Therapist

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